How to find work as a freelancer

Isn’t there are certain allure and ring to ‘I am my own boss’? Many people today, across skill types, countries and economic situations prefer to either start their own ventures or work by connecting directly with clients. The latter which is nothing but freelancing has been around for a long time now. Yet the opportunities and rewards that can be accrued today are significantly higher than before. We can say that it is certainly a good time to freelance. For those of you who have had the luxury of lucrative jobs, this might seem like a risky proposition. For those of you trying to plant your foot firmly in the any industry, you might wonder if a freelancing choice would give you the necessary firepower to propel your career to greater heights. Freelancing is not without challenges, certainly. Yet with the right tools and techniques, it is possible to ace it. Here are a few pointers for you to hit the bull’s eye.

Strengthen your foundation

It is vital to remember that you are basing your career on the strength of your skills. From journalism, content writing, research, recruitment, consulting to web design, there are umpteen fields that encourage freelancers. Whatever your chosen field is, it is crucial to enrich and update your knowledge on subjects specific to your field continuously to stay ahead of competition. For instance web designers have great opportunity with small and medium businesses that do not have the requisite resources to maintain an in house team. Understanding their need and equipping yourself with knowledge on technologies these companies need for their websites will ensure you have regular projects. Keep your eyes peeled on the web for valuable info on developing your skills and also for cooperation opportunities because freelancers are often prone to help each other find work, as I found in this guide on how to find work as a freelancer.

Make maximum use of freelancing websites

Freelancing websites like oDeskElanceFreelancer etc, are not only great to give you the necessary boost when you start out new, they are also great to sustain your income levels through the years. Register and bid for projects through these websites and watch your career graph move up. The samples that you put up should serve to encourage potential clients in hiring your services. Ensure you carefully select your best works, if totally new to the industry; ensure that you create a base of samples before registering with such sites.

Don’t forget the potency of social media

Social media is a great platform for you to spread the word on your freelancing decision and throw a spotlight on your potential. Highlight your talents and modify your profiles to indicate your freelancing capabilities. Create and enhance your blogs to reflect your talents and link those blogs to other social media sites to attract potential clients.

Search engine, job portals and job alerts

Many companies advertize their need for freelancers through the web, social media, their websites or job portals. Do not wait for them to come to you. Ensure that you are proactive enough to search for such opportunities everyday to pick one that suits your profile. You can also obtain job alerts through tools like Google Alerts that gives you mail notifications for specific queries.

Get listed in directories

A simple Google search will give you a list of links where you can get listed for freelance work. There have a great many instances of freelancers finding amazing projects after making Wordpress their area of expertise. Utilize this tool optimally.
A careful, well-planned approach is the need of the hour. Adapt to the changing environment like a chameleon and equip yourself with the latest information and technique in your field of expertise to prepare a killer resume. Do thorough checks to invest your talents in the right areas with the right clients and you will see that freelancing is a much lucrative option than you had previously imagined.

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