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Blog Post Templates

If you've started your own blog, you're probably like me.  I'm sure you have felt the stress of writers block and how hard it can be to overcome.  Everyone has to deal with their writers block in their own way, but I can give you some assistance in the meantime.  Maybe all you need is a new style to get the juices flowing.  Try out one of these blog post templates and see if they help your writers block, they can also give your blog a fresh look which can help to attract new readers.

About me

These types of posts are fun and easy to create.  Give your readers a chance to see who you really are.  Instead of just seeing you as text on a screen, show them your human side.  Make a list of ten weird facts about you.  Readers want to be social and the best way for them to socialize with you is to see that you are just like them.

Things I've written and read

This is another simple one.  Compile a list of what you have written in the past week, then get links to other blogs you've read and enjoyed.  Write a quick synopsis for each of these and explain why they were so appealing to you.  This can bring new readers back to older posts and you can help your fellow bloggers increase their traffic as well.  It couldn't be easier than this, after all, the main posts have already been written.

Challenge the reader

This is another fun one.  It can be more challenging than the others but can be well worth the effort.  In this post template, you can pose a question or challenge to your readers and ask them to comment with their answers or results.  You can make this as easy or as hard as you want.  Challenge them to get a picture of a speed sign that does not end in 5 or 0, or think of something truly devilish and tricky.

So, as you can see there are any number of ways you can get your mind past its block, as well as breath new life into your blog.  These are just a few suggestions, there are hundreds of templates you could use to improve your blog.  I would recommend you visit you will be able to find more resources to develop ideas of your own.

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