A list of top 10 website builders besides Blogger to make your perfect new website!

Ok, today let's look at a few alternatives to making your website on the Blogger platform. Many people don't like blogger so I have decided to write up a post that will help you make your decision if you are among those people who don't like Blogger. So I have made a top 10 list of alternatives that you can use:

1. IM Creator
IM creator is the top free website builder on our list! It features a great drag and drop website builder with which you can make great looking websites that you can call your own. It is also the first HTML5 website builder and has great SEO features which make these sites rank very good in search engines. There are also many great and unique templates to choose from Fast, great looking and easy to use. Our number 1 pick!

2. Virb
Virb could be called a niche site maker, because most of its awesome looking templates cater to presenting visuals. This makes it awesome for photographers and video makers. A simple website builder that is our number 2 pick!

3. Website-Builder.com
Website-Builder.com doesn't just have a great domain for a website building tool, but is easy to use and has many beautiful templates. The sutes that you can make with it are easy to use and have lots of functionality!

4. Yola
Yola is another great website builder and we like this one because it has a big emphasis on SEO. SEO is important for traffic and that is why it is important to me! It also has a ton of widgets and add ons, more then you will ever need :)

5. Edicy
Edicy is another very solid website builder, but this one stands out because of its great multilingual features. Do you need a website in multiple languages? Then Edicy is the best choice for you! And they also have great and fast support, so that is also another big plus!

So those were our top 5 picks for easy website builders with a few notes besides each one. Below is the second part of our top 10 list, but without any notes, just as we placed them from our testing:

6. Jimdo
7. Wix
8. Weebly
9. Google Sites
10. Homestead

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