10 Great Color Combination Tools for Designers

One of the most important aspects when designing a website for you or your client are certainly colors - being able to select just the right tone of each color you are using to match the other color is essential - it could turn your visitor to buyer or it could drive them right away. So what if you don't know what colors work with others and what don't? Well no worries we have prepared a collection of a few great combination tools to use and save you some time and nerves.

1. Adobe Kuler

Adobe as one of the leading designing software solutions has it's own tool and it's a nice tool - there are a lot of preset color rules you can choose from and even save them for later use very useful.

This isn't a new kid on the block so you can't go wrong with it - a lot of options. Don't have ideas? Use their random function - and when you are done just save your scheme ID for future use. It also has a lot of export options.

The application allows users to experiment with color combinations, examine them under the aspect of accessibility guidelines and to create custom color palettes.
Contrast-A checks color combinations for sufficient contrast and displays the results as well it displays the results for normal vision and simulates the colors and results for different types of color deficiency. 

This great tool is a must - superb for checking foreground and background color combinations of all DOM elements on your website and determining if they provide sufficient contrast when viewed by someone having color deficits.

Pictaculous serves as a great tool it lets you upload your image and analyze its colors and gives you color pallete that goes with your picture. Quite handy don't you think?

The heart of this site is the Combo Tester, which allows web designers to see how different color combinations work together. It also has some other tools such as the library that contains hundreds of color swatches, along with their hex colour values and ComboMaker tool to create and share your own web design colour and see what others are making.

ColorExplorer is the bomb color pallete tool - online toolbox for working with color palettes. With ColorExplorer you can quickly and easily create, manage and evaluate color palettes for use in graphic design, web designs, layouts, and much more.

Color Hunter is also one of those essential tools as it allows you to upload your images and view the different colors that it consists of. You can also browse through different parameters such as search term or hex color.

Want a simple yet effective tool to get hex code or see what hex code looks like? Look no further as it can't get more simple than that. It even gives you few color scheme options such as : complementary, triade, analogic and tetrade.

Are you without color pallete inspiration? Well this tool is just that - color pallete inspiration tool. Designs displayed go beyond the generic 3 colored dots, and attempt to portray the possibilities in palettes. Steal colors. This handy tool makes palette piracy easy and fun.

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