The new Design Blog and other updates!

Design Blog
Hello and welcome to the design blog!

There will be many changes happening on this website over the next couple of weeks and the first is that we have added a design blog to this site. We will not only offer you, our visitors, great free Blogger templates, but from now on we will also be offering you design tips, inspirational posts to get you out of your designers block and much much more. You will find all this if you press the design blog tab on our website.

Another big change to this website is that we will also start posting free Wordpress templates and free Joomla templates as well! We want to provide as many resources to our visitors as we can so we are expanding. We will also host giveaways, post tutorials, give our readers free ebooks and much much more! So be sure to bookmark this website and come back frequently! I hope that you like what we are doing and if you have any requests about any features that you would like to see on our site, then be sure to post your comment below this post and we will see what we can do!

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