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download Creating Website blogger template. template blogger clean template. download template portal news blogger

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Creating Website Blogger Template

Free Creating Website blogger template is magazine style blogger template for daily updates blogs. It's a 2/3 column blogger template with right sidebar, magazine style blogspot template, ads ready, pagination for blogger ready, dropdown menu, clean design template, and more. This template suitable for daily updates blogs

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Designer & Setting: MasKolis - Setting Creating Blogger Template

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  1. HOw to get these Widgets? "Tutorial Blog Wordpress Joomla"

  2. @Farewell : Hi Farewell.. Click the "Setting Creating Blogger Template" above. It's Indonesian language.

  3. Thx, now i got it! But on "Latest Articles" it shows the posts from, how to change and custumize this widget?

  4. @Farewell : Hi..

    See the script code :
    <script src=";callback=onLoadFeed">

    Replace the bold code with your url blog

  5. Ok, but than it shows nothing. What to do now?

  6. @Farewell : May i know your url blog??

  7. @Farewell : You'r welcome

  8. Oh, I found one, last problem. Googlesearch, on the right side - is costum search which shows searchfiles from and How to get it for my Blog?

  9. @!Farewell : It's a Google Custom Search. You should create your own and change the current search box

    Go to and create one

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